Who is Connor Evans?

I’m a 22 year legend in the making. I’m a lot of things. I’m an artist. I’m a son. I’m a Cali native. I’m a diamond broker. I’m a college graduate with a double major in Econ and Business. I’m a caffeine addict. I’m always trying to do better. I’m sure of myself. I’m confused. I’m the only white kid that would hop in any cyphers at lunch in high school. I’m that kid hopping in cyphers with rappers that have a bigger buzz than me and straight embarrassing them. I’m trying to find my way in life. I’m trying to make my parents proud. I’m that kid that walked up to Russell Simmons and asked him what habits he has that he feels contributed the most to his success. I’m that kid that started smoking Newports last week when I know better than that. I’m that kid that stopped smoking Newports today because I know better than that. It’s complicated.


What sets you apart from other artists?

I say things you’ve either never heard before or never heard presented in the way I’m doing it. I really care about this music shit. I make brutally honest music that also sounds good. I make music for all scenarios. I’m always evolving my sound and I never get caught in one style. I feel apart from the content and the sonics, my drive and will to be the best sets me apart. I’ve seen how a lot of these cats move and I know I’m outworking them.


Where is #GreenLightLife leading you and who is currently participating?

Forward, first and foremost. For those not hip to it, #GreenLightLife is all about constant progress. That’s it. Anyone who is down with that is a part of #GreenLightLife and has my love. It’s a wave big enough for us all to ride. For me personally, #GreenLightLife has taken me from my first project #SetTheCityOnFire to my current project, So Cal Soul, and through to the follow up I’m currently working. It’s taken me from working on music alone and rapping over other people’s beats, to having a full production company behind me as well a team I can rely on to help me reach my goals and push myself. It’s taken me from being known as that kid who raps in high school to having fans reach out from as far Korea to Europe. We’re just getting started too.


When and where will you tour?

I’d really like to set up my first tour by the end of 2014. You should reach out to bhbmanagement@gmail.com if you’re trying to work with me on this.


What’s next?

So Cal Soul –> April 28th. Tell the world. I’ve got a ton of visuals and new material dropping before the release date too. After that, I’ve got another project I’ve already started working on that I’m extremely excited about but can’t say much more right now.


- Original Interview Published by Peace Magazine