For Connor Evans, music arises from balance. The Coachella Valley raised, Virgin Islands based recording artist’s latest album ‘The Vibe’ takes its inspiration from Connor’s time in the Islands, including life changing experiences working with a shaman partaking in an ayahuasca ceremony, a night-long event where participants drink a hallucinatory plant/vine tea blend and connect to a higher intelligence.

“Growing up in Southern California inspired my music but it was my time in the Virgin Islands that birthed ‘The Vibe’ which I consider to be my best work to date” says Connor. “I didn’t have any anxiety or trepidation. I quit my job, moved to the Virgin Islands and holed up in a studio for four months.”

One could say Connor has been chasing his musical dreams since his formative years in So-Cal. His dad worked early in his career as a radio DJ and introduced Connor to the Soul sounds of Otis Redding while his “hippie” mom turned him on to classic Rock like King Crimson and E.L.O. As the years went by, Connor gravitated towards the powerful vocals of Lauryn Hill and the introspective lyrics and industry shaking sounds of one Kanye West.

On the song “Unique” off Connor Evans latest album ‘The Vibe’, the Virgin Islands based, Cali-bred artist delivers bars that not only challenge the definition of a white rapper, but shine a light on his growth as a person:

My friend said that he’s glad I don’t act more black/Made me look at him different/We don’t chill so much now and that ain’t a coincidence/Cutting people out my life if they really ain’t fittin’ in/

The lines speak to Connor Evans being anything but your typical Rap artist. His album ‘The Vibe’ is a tour through a world of sounds creating one of the best independent album releases of 2016. Whether it’s the hard, stereo shaking, Reggae vibes of “Neva” Feat. Pressure Busspipe or the late-night, leaned out, dirty south sounds of “Decibels”, ‘The Vibe’ offers something for even the most critical musical ear.

Connor’s latest project follows other critically acclaimed independent projects that have been featured by major media outlets including USA Today, Yahoo Music, VIBE, and AllHipHop, who bestowed praise on Connor and his brand of Hip-Hop crossing genre boundaries.  Connor’s music examines three staples of life – faith, love and sex – and providing his own perspective.

“I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and he describes faith, love and sex as the three most powerful emotions. Faith and love are purely spiritual functions. Sex is purely biological. That encompasses everything I write about and what drives all of us. It’s the balance between those three that makes us who we are.”